Small Business Marketing As We Move Into The Post Pandemic Stage

Posted on June 16, 2021 | Author: Phoenix3
Small Business Marketing Post Pandemic

The ongoing global COVID-19 pandemic has shaken the world and disrupted the global economy. Entering this unexplored territory has been overwhelming and challenging for companies of all sizes. This uncertainty has left many entrepreneurs in a state of distress on how to manage the crisis.

During this unprecedented time, entrepreneurs should direct their efforts to lucratively promote their businesses and build rapport. Not all businesses can generate revenue, but that doesn't mean small businesses can no longer offer value to their consumer base and remain relevant via digital marketing.

Let's walk through some advertising strategies that will help you remain resilient and relevant after the COVID-19 pandemic.

Marketing Tips

The following tips will help you to survive and thrive after the pandemic:

1. Focus on your current customers
If you find it challenging to attract new customers, try focusing your attention more on those who have stuck with you despite the economic crisis. Besides creating products and campaigns to target their needs, reassure them that you are there for them and your business is still running. For example, you can send email updates, post frequently on social media, and log onto your consumer database to assure them everything is okay.

Competition is low due to the pandemic, meaning a few strategic moves can put your business ahead of others and help you reach the right customers.

2. Become active on social media
With restrictions imposed to curtail the spread of coronavirus, most things have shifted online. Thus, it's time to increase your online presence. Most of your target customers have social media accounts, and this number continues to grow as more individuals go online during the pandemic. To market your business and remain relevant even after the pandemic, move your strategies to social and promote your offerings online.

3. Build relationships virtually
If you want to market and grow your business post-pandemic, you have to build and strengthen relationships with your customers online. Maintain open, considerate and honest communication with them. If you don't communicate with your customers regularly, it's time to start- think of email promotion campaigns. When connecting and communicating with your clients, be genuine, empathic, and thoughtful.

Tips for Re-Engaging Customers Post-Pandemic

Some of the ways you can re-engage your clients and win them back after COVID include:

1. Organize an announcement on your social media and website for when you re-open your business
If you closed your business during COVID-19 and are preparing to resume soon or have already re-opened, let your customers know and give them details on how you will protect them and your employees. For customers who will visit your physical stores, indicate if you will be using safeguards like contactless transactions, hand sanitizer stations, and mask policies. For online entrepreneurs, let your clients know you have resumed and detail the measures you have taken to contain the spread of coronavirus.

You can achieve this in several ways, including:

Banners- You can use a small banner to highlight imperative announcements without distracting the consumer experience. Ensure you add the banner to your homepage and make it global across your website to ensure your clients will see it irrespective of the page they open.

Blog posts- Your blog is an ideal space for lengthier announcements that might need their unique pages. Use this space to give comprehensive details about how and when your business will resume operations and what your customers should expect.

Pop-ups- Pop-ups are an ideal and easy way to make announcements across your site. They allow more room for texts and cannot let the announcement go unnoticed.

Social media- Ensure you take the news to social media so that your clients will know you have resumed operations even if they don't go to your website. Besides, you can use social listening tools to see what your customers are asking about your business.

2. Text and email your client list
Another great way you can re-engage your customers after quarantine is by launching an SMS or email campaign to update your customer list. Some of your customers follow you on social media or regularly check your site, but others don't. An SMS or email campaign is a simple way to send business updates to your customers. This increases the chances that they'll receive your message and re-engage with you.

3. Offer exclusive discounts and deals
One of the best ways to win back and engage lost customers is through exclusive discounts and deals. You can advertise or announce these offers on your social media or send promotional emails and SMS. Discounts, freebies, and other saving alternatives might be the incentive clients want to invest in you. You can also offer membership deals for clients that decide to invest in your business during a specific period. This will enable you to make some money during these challenging times.

4. Host a re-opening event
Throughout the COVID pandemic, many brands have hosted online events, including sales events and webinars, to keep consumers engaged, especially those who cannot leave their homes. You can plan an event that will not require any interactions. When the pandemic ends, you will probably have clients who have been in isolation and are yearning for social interaction. You can take that opportunity to host an in-person event to welcome your customers back. Advertise the event on your social media, website, and email, and then do a follow-up after it ends.

Mistakes You Should Avoid When Resuming Operations

As the economy starts to re-open, you need to remember that the pandemic has not ended. Thus, you need to avoid the following mistakes:

1. Not ensuring safety
The safety of your clients and employees should be a top priority when resuming operations.

2. Being inflexible
To succeed during these unprecedented times, you must be flexible. There are many ways to achieve this, like allowing your workers to continue working remotely.

3. Keeping a long-term office lease
Cash flow is fundamental, especially during this uncertain economic period. Re-thinking your office lease is one of the simplest ways to reduce costs.

4. Failing to concentrate on customer service and retention
When profits decrease, it's expected of you to find as many new clients as possible. This technique can work, but you should remember that new customer acquisition is expensive and, in some cases, complicated. Thus, focus on retention. Clients are precious, and retaining them is crucial to the continued success of your small business.

Globally, everybody is trying to get a grip on this new normal and learning to adapt. Thus, show up and let your clients know your business is here to stay and give them support. Your business may be slow but utilizing this time as an opportunity to determine which technique will work best for you will put you ahead of others.

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