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Top 5 Tips for Being Authentic and Supportive When Marketing During Pride

While marketing your brand during Pride month, or any time of the year you are reaching out to the LGBTQ+ community, don’t just jump on the band wagon. Make some effort; it’s essential to be genuine and authentic in order to engage the community and become memorable in their minds. Don’t just celebrate Pride in June, make a commitment to enact change year-round.

Tip #1
Maintain on-going efforts
Team up with or support organizations in your neighborhood that encourage LGBTQ+ youth or help you get to know members of the community better throughout the year. This goes along with the old marketing adage: Know your audience. Make it a policy within your business to hire and support LGBTQ+ employees and make it clear that company culture will not tolerate discriminatory behavior.
Tip #2
If you make it all about you, you’re doing it wrong!
Simply washing your store front or website with rainbows during June in order to make some extra money is not the most authentic way to respect this symbol of joy and celebration or the long history of struggle and oppression the LGBTQ+ community has had to endure. If you’re going to sell Pride gear, give the profits to organizations like the Trevor Project, Equality Florida or OutRight Action International.
Tip #3
Connect using a lens that is all-inclusive of the LGBTQ+ community
The lens through which stories are told in mainstream media tends to be the gay white male, ages 21-35. This can make those that don’t fit in to that box feel segregated or left out. Make an effort to get to know all the people that fall under all the letters and symbols in the acronym. In addition, make sure you are being diverse within your campaigns; not all LGBTQ+ individuals look the same.
Tip #4
Avoid stereotypes and clichés
Utilize real gay or lesbian individuals in your advertising campaigns, including celebrities who are openly gay. Portray same-sex couples in everyday situations such as cooking, driving or eating out together. Or keep relationships between people ambiguous and not clearly defined.
Tip #5
Be consistent and confident in your support
There may be backlash to your campaigns or ads, especially on social media. Be prepared for it, have an effective and calm response ready, and definitely do not modify or withdraw your posts or ads, as this could alienate the very group you are trying to connect with.
The simple fact that you want to be an ally and show your support for the LGBTQ+ community is a great first step! Keep working at it, keep showing your compassion, and keep throwing those symbols of love and support out there; someone who really needs to may see it!
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76 4th Street North #1314
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